Friday, January 15, 2010

Formal Indian Dresses 2010

Indian formal dresses are quite unique in designs and always have heavy hand embroidery with zardozi, dabka, sequins, beads, tilla, diamantes work etc. Women in India and Pakistan like to wear new and latest formal dresses on each function. These formal dresses are worn on functions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other such get together. Women in Indian and Pakistan are very fond of wearing exquisite formal dresses. Formal couture makes an individual look his best. It not only expresses a feeling of seriousness but also brings more meaning to any occasion.

Formal clothing for an outing is required to be exquisite and complete. Fabrics used may include chiffons, velvets, silks and organza. But to characterize yourself is to set yourself apart from the regular dresses. It depends on how much attention you want to gain and how well you carry yourself.
Simple material with a simple style can be brought to look expensive. Accessories like the right jewellery and comfortable yet smart shoes add to the look.

Formal dressing for men includes the kurta shalwar, sherwani or a Pirnce suit. Indian formal dresses for men has lot of variety as well. The Indian embroidered sherwani adds to the formal couture. Prince suits are similar to regular Pant Coat suits but with a touch of hand embroidery on the coat. That gives it a more formal look. Sherwani also has heavy hand embroidery over it with works like dabka, zardozi and resham.

Quality dressing can make even a speck on your face equally charming as a beauty spot. Formal dressing is commonly used by relatives to send as a gift to India and is taking off in India as people try new innovations to look different yet formal.
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