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Pakistani Fashion Dresses 2011

 Pakistani Fashion 2011
 Pakistani Fashion dresses 2011
 Pakistani Fashion dress 2011
 Pakistani Fashion Designs 2011
 Party fashion Styles in Pakistan
 Pakistani fashion wear dress 2011
Pakistani shalwar kameez dress 2011-2012
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Pakistani Shalwar Kameez Dresses 2011

Pakistani and indian shalwar kameez dresses 2011,pakistani fashion dresses 2011,you can see latest pakistani and indian shalwar kameez dresses 2011 in our latest pakistani shalwar kameez fashion design 2011-2012 on our site.

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Pakistani Fashion Dresses 2011

Pakistani Fashion 2010-2011,Pakistani shalwar kameez dresses 2011,New pakistani fashion choli lehnga dresses 2011,pakistani bridal dresses 2011,party wear dresses 2011.these fashion styles for pakistani girls Coming soon on our blog some fashion dresses see on our blog as below on Fashion dresses

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Indian Weddings Shadi

Indian weddings ( Shadi ) are not just about serious rituals and customs. There are various other fun filled moments in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies that lightens the mood and will remain as cherished moments in the coming years. Weddings mark the beginning of a new relationship not just between two individuals, but also between two families. There are various moments of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony that help to build new relationships. If you are planning to celebrate an Indian Wedding, you are in the right place. Babylon Productions offers many different kinds of services that will make you wedding perfect! Indian Wedding Photography, Indian Wedding Videography, Indian Wedding DJ Services, Wedding Limo Services, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florist, Wedding Decor, Live Musicians. Our photographer and videographers are here to make you look your best and show that you are having the most enjoyable day of your life. Babylon Productions are also here to help you get all the stress off you and make us take care of everything you need to do. Book your Indian Wedding by giving us a call!!
India with such diverse cultural background showcases a variety of fun filled rituals and customs. And nowadays, with Hindi movies becoming so popular among everyone, people are even following some of the customs and rituals shown in the movies. Especially movies like 'Hum Apke Hain Koun', which showcases all the rituals associated with Indian weddings. Some of the customs that are a part of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony may be: 'Parsee saalis' takes gifts from their brother-in-law or 'jija' during the ritual of 'haath boravanu', where the groom puts his hands in water and cannot remove them until he pays money to them in Indian Weddings. 'Pag dhovanu' is another such ritual where the groom is threatened with milk on his shoes and 'chero chorvanu' is a ritual in which seven strands of thread tying the couple together are removed on payment. In Gujarati custom the groom's mother-in-law tries to catch his nose on arrival of the 'baraat', as a reminder of the fact that he is taking away their daughter and is now responsible for her happiness in Indian weddings. 'Aeki-Beki' is also a very fun-filled ritual among the Gujarati community. A tray or pot of water is mixed with milk and vermilion. A ring and a few coins are thrown into the mixture, and the bride and groom are given seven chances to fish out the ring.
The winner is considered as having a dominating personality and it is predicted amidst much laughter amongst close friends that he or she will rule the roost! In Punjabi custom the brides wear a 'chuda', which is a set of red and ivory bangles given to her by her maternal uncle. This custom is considered good women for the bride as it is said to bring good luck to her in her new home. Punjabi brides wear 'kaleeres'. These are silver or gold plated ornaments tied to the chudas. It is said that the bride has as many friends as there are leaves in the kaleere.

Pakistan Wedding Tips,Culture and Traditions

A Pakistani wedding is broken down into a 4-day event. The tradition of a Pakistani wedding is the longevity of the party not just the ceremony of the Pakistani wedding ceremony:

First Day of the Celebration
On the first day, the bride and groom's families each dress in yellow, and celebrate the upcoming nuptials separately. The betrothed couple will not see each other from this day until the ceremony.
Second Day of the Celebration
The second day is reserved for a big celebration called Mendi that includes dancing and singing ancient songs. On this day, the groom's family delivers the wedding dress to the bride's family, and then her family takes the groom's wedding attire to his family. The bride's family string hundreds of colored lights over and around their home, creating an ostentatious announcement of their daughter's forthcoming marriage. Here, the bride-to-be receives a traditional henna staining of her hands and feet. This traditional Muslim art form invokes intricately designs to create beautiful symbolic patterns. The bride-to-be is waited on by her family while the henna stain dries overnight.
Third Day is the Marriage Ceremony
The wedding rites and ceremony in Pakistan take places on the third day. The Pakistani bride and groom who continue their traditions wear garments of red. The bride's gown is very elaborate, as are her veil and jewelry. Men wear a distinctive traditional turban . After wedding vows are exchanged, the Holy Koran is held over the new bride's head as she joins her husband's family. The official paperwork is signed in the presence of an Islamic priest and the guests.
Fourth and Final Day of Wedding Program in Pakistan
On the fourth day, the couple hosts their first dinner as husband and wife. The groom's family invites all of the guests to their home for a feast.

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Pakistani Fashion 2010

Pakistani Fashion 2010,2010 Pakistani Fashion Dresses,Pakistani Fashion 2010 in Karach,Pakistani Fashion 2010 in Lahore and Pakistani Fashion 2010 in Islamabad.
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Pakistani Fashion Dresses 2010

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Indian And Pakistani Fashion Wear Dresses For Women

Indian And Pakistani Fashion Wear Dresses For Women
Pakistani designer clothes & bridal dresses. We are an online fashion boutique with Bridal outfits. Pakistani bridal wear,22 Feb 2010 ... Pakistani And Indian Fashion Portal 2010. ... Sharara, Gharara, Fish Lahenga and other Bridal Dresses. Bridal Jewelry and Mahndi design also available.

Make Up: Pakistani Make Up Brand Luscious By Mehrbano Sethi and Nauman Gilani

Make Up: Pakistani Make Up Brand Luscious By Mehrbano Sethi and Nauman Gilani
Luscious is an independent venture by entrepreneurs Mehrbano Sethi and Nauman Gilani, and the products have been created in collaboration with a team of international chemists with over seven years of extensive research to make sure Pakistani women have access to the best and most diverse quality products, nationwide. The underlying fundamental at Luscious is that everyone is beautiful and that women should be allowed and encouraged to experiment and express themselves.

According to Mehr Bano, ''As I see it, Luscious is a fun, affordable and skin friendly cosmetics range urging women to experiment and to create their very own signature look. My aim is to continue to provide superior formulas and top notch quality while keeping it affordable to Pakistani women - to people like you and me. Let me worry about what's in the make up while you focus on looking and feeling good. I'm putting the fun back into makeup!''

Pakistani Fashion Dresses 2010

Official Portal of Pakistani Fashion and Style 2010. where you can get Wallpapers and Dress Designs like , Lehenga, Sharara, Gharara, Fish Lehenga and other Bridal Dresses. Bridal Jewelry and Mehndi , henna design also Available.

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Shadi Online

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Pakistani Shadi online : Shadi Online

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Shadi Ki Pehli Raat In Urdu For Women - Pehli Mubashrat

Humarey haan aksar yeh baat ma'aroof hai kay shaadi ki pehli raat mubashrat honi zaroori hai warna valima ja'ez na hoga haala'n kay Quran o sunnah ki roshni mein iss baat ki koi haqeeqat nahin humarey haan amooman nikah raat ko bohut late hota hai aur dulhan ko ghar pohonchtey pohonchtey raat kay do, dha'ee baj jatey hain iss doran donon thak kar chuur ho chukey hotey hain pehli raat donon thakawat, khauf, ghabraahat, nervousness aur hichkichahat ka shikar hota hai, khusoosan agar mian biwi pehley sey ek doosrey sey waqif na hun humarey haan aksar aisa hi hota hai larki apna ghar chor kar naey ghar aur naey logon mein aati hai usey khauf hota hai kay na janey susraal kay log kaisey hongey, khawand ka ravaiyya kaisa hoga. Doosri taraf larkey ko sex kay hawaley sey nakaami ka khauf hota hai kay aayah woh mubashrat kar sakey ga ya nahin larki ko bhi mubashrat ki takleef ka khauf hota hai iss khauf aur tashweesh ki wajah sey aurat ki faraj ka dahaana tung ho jata hai aur faraj kay ander chiknaahat ki kami ho jati hai, larka samajhta hai kay agar iss ney pehli raat mubashrat na kii to larki samjhey gi shayad mian iss qabil nahin haala'n kay jawani mein har mard jismani le'haz sey normal aur jinsi amal ka ahel hota hai albatta khauf aur zehni daba'u ki wajah sey ba'az auqaat tanau (erection) nahin hota ya aen moqa per khatam ho jata hai jo kay bilkul fitri amar hai kyun kay khauf aur zehni daba'u tanau kay dushman hain, le'haza iss surat e haal kay paesh e nazar pehli raat sex ko zyada ehmiat hasil nahin honi chahiyie chuna'ncha pehli raat mubashrat na karna donon kay liye mufeed hai.

wedding shadi online in pakistan

wedding online,shadi online in pakistan, muslim shadi online,shadi online,Shadi celebration tips for pakistani People visit to this site is provide shadi online in pakistan ( Join Now )and wedding fashion design ,Styles and much more about shadi or wedding fashion and online celebration tips.

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Pakistani Fashion 2010


Indian Saree Sari Sarri Dress 2010

Indian Saree Sari Sarri Dress 2010,Pakistani fashion site this site is provide for pakistani fashion and much more about pakistan.
The traditional Indian dress is the Sari which can be worn in many ways. Underneath the sari one wears a Petticoat, a waist to floor length skirt,  tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring and a Cholli ; a blouse that ends just below the bust. The Salwar Kameez in India is the second most popular dress and is gaining in popularity fast with the younger generation. The Salwar Kameez in India too has had many design changes. The new designers have come up with great variations of the Salwar Kameez. Women also wear Lehengas.

The Indian Saree (or Sari) boasts of oldest existence in the sartorial world. It is more than 5000 years old! Patterns of dress change throughout the world, the Sari has survived because it is the main wear of rural India. 75% of the population (now a billion as per official estimate) wear versatile sari. We can certainly call this cloth versatile because it could be worn as shorts, trousers, flowing gown-like or convenient skirt, all without a single stitch!
Saree is of varied length. From 5 yards to 9.5 yards tied loosely, folded and pleated, it could be turned into working dress or party wear with manual skill. For day today dress of middle class women, 5-6 yard sari is comfortable to manage household chores.

Working class tucks the same length above the ankles and if they have to work in water or fields, they would tuck the front pleats between the legs to the back, and tie the upper portion round the waist. This left them free movement of hands and legs.

A nine yard saree used to be a connoisseurs pleasure with embellishments, embroidery and fine designing. Generally the climate of India is warm and humid. Saree and its male counterpart dohti was most suited for this land. Styles of wearing saree vary from region to region. Gujarat style and Bengali style are different. So are Mangalorean, Kannadiga, Kodava, Tamilian, Malayali, etc. The Saree is worn in at least 10-15 styles throughout the India.

Saree is essentially Indian and designed to suit local conditions.
Raja Ravi, the distinguished painter of 19th century, toured the entire sub continent in search of the ideal female wear. He wanted the best dress for the various goddesses he was asked and commissioned to paint. He selected the a nine yard saree which drapes the body beautifully at the same time exhibiting contours of female anatomy; bust, waist, hips.

Indian Lehnga,Indian Lehnga Choli

Lehnga choli, (Langa or Lengha) are available for women of all sizes. Lehnga Cholis have a beautiful history in India. When the Moguls invaded India in early BC they brought this unique skirt and blouse combination with them. Today's bride is more likely to wear a Lehnga Choli to her wedding than a sari due to the heavy weight of bridal saris. Women of all ages also love Lehnga Choli for formal occasions and dress occasions. Women just can not go wrong with a fashion item that has been in fashion for hundred of years.

Extremely beautiful and suitable to all female shapes, these Lehnga suits are often hand decorated in the traditional designs of India such as zardozi embroidery. During the period of Indian royalty, these Lehnga designs became legendary and were made with real gold, silver and precious stones. Just as in ancient times, these Lehnga suits are still hand decorated to keep it as true to tradition as possible.

During initial times, the lehnga was merely a piece of fabric tied around the waist with the ends of the cloth left loose. The fabric was held at the waist with a metal girdle. But soon with the increase in its popularity, the lehnga went through various transitions to suit the convenience of the women. The ends of the waist fabric were stitched. To make it more comfortable, its narrow width was increased by introducing more pleats on the waist, so as to make it easy to walk for the women. The metal girdle was replaced by stitching a peace of cloth to the waist of the lehnga called nepaha and a piece of rope running through is called nara.

The lehnga reached its peak of development under the Mughal kings. It was the best answer the Indian queens could give to the rich Muslim pehsvaz dress of the Mughal royal women. The interaction between the two communities was further increased by the bazars organized by the Mughal kings where both the sellers and the buyers were women. The dupatta (the Hindustani name given to the orhani by the Indian Muslim women) became almost a mark of respect for the women. It was mostly two and a half yards in length and one and a half yards in breadth. It was used as a headdress and also to increase the beauty of the lehnga. Mostly the dupatta was made of a thin material and to give some more weight to the cloth, golden lace or tassels were attached to the ends. The choli was also developed the cover the arms but the length, however, usually remained above the navel, revealing the slim waist of the women. The fabrics used to make the lehnga are in fact the same as those used under the great Mughal King, Akbar; silks and brocades. The dupatta is now made of silk, linen of chiffon which is a new development.

The popularity of lehngas has creased proportionately with the times. In fact, in northern India it has very successfully replaced the traditional sari as a wedding dress. Now Indian brides prefer to wear lehngas which enhance their beauty and charm. The dress is mostly made in red which represents excitement and passion; orange which is a blend of yellow and red; colors so contrary in character– produces mystical effects on the mind; pink possesses all the powers and vividness of red without its frenzied impetuosity and violence. The beauty of this royal dress however lies in the fine embroidery or zari handwork done on it. This zari handwork done on the lehnga is of a very special quality and is done mostly by Muslims staying in the 100 odd villages of Farokabad in Uttar Pradesh and Lucknow.

Dabka is a very detailed type of needle work which is done after the fabric has been put on the adda is completed. For a heavy lehnga at least three to four workers work at the same time on the same piece. If the lehnga is wanted urgently, then up to eight men sit on the adda and work together. First a thick cotton cord is stitched on the pattern to be embroidered. Then on this cord prefabricated zarri thread is looped on with an ordinary stitching needle.

Salma or nakhshi is cheaper than dabka and considered slightly less exquisite than dabka by some. But a wedding lehnga cannot be complete without nakhshi as it shines much more than dabka. As is rightly said nakshi puts life in the lehnga. This form of embroidery is also done by using prefabricated golden thread on the chhapai. Aarri work is a more delicate form of embroidery. It is done with both colored and golden thread. The thread is put on the tip of a pen-like needle which is passed through the cloth giving chain-stitch-like impressions.

Gotta work is done by using gold or silver ribbons of different widths giving rise to different patterns. These ribbons can be cut into small pieces and folded in the shape of leaves. They are also twisted and stitched on the cloth in the form of continuous triangles on the border. This work is mostly done is Jaipur in remote villages by family workmen.

The lehnga is hence a masterpiece of all these forms of embroideries in various combinations. Hence we can say the lehnga is one part of history which still lives on in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan, it is mainly used as wedding or party wear.

Formal Indian Dresses 2010

Indian formal dresses are quite unique in designs and always have heavy hand embroidery with zardozi, dabka, sequins, beads, tilla, diamantes work etc. Women in India and Pakistan like to wear new and latest formal dresses on each function. These formal dresses are worn on functions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other such get together. Women in Indian and Pakistan are very fond of wearing exquisite formal dresses. Formal couture makes an individual look his best. It not only expresses a feeling of seriousness but also brings more meaning to any occasion.

Formal clothing for an outing is required to be exquisite and complete. Fabrics used may include chiffons, velvets, silks and organza. But to characterize yourself is to set yourself apart from the regular dresses. It depends on how much attention you want to gain and how well you carry yourself.
Simple material with a simple style can be brought to look expensive. Accessories like the right jewellery and comfortable yet smart shoes add to the look.

Formal dressing for men includes the kurta shalwar, sherwani or a Pirnce suit. Indian formal dresses for men has lot of variety as well. The Indian embroidered sherwani adds to the formal couture. Prince suits are similar to regular Pant Coat suits but with a touch of hand embroidery on the coat. That gives it a more formal look. Sherwani also has heavy hand embroidery over it with works like dabka, zardozi and resham.

Quality dressing can make even a speck on your face equally charming as a beauty spot. Formal dressing is commonly used by relatives to send as a gift to India and is taking off in India as people try new innovations to look different yet formal.

Indian Wedding Dresses 2010

The wedding dress or Bridal dress is given a lot of importance in India. Indian wedding dresses come in different fabrics from cotton to silk, from georgettes to crapes. Jewellery obviously highlights the look of the bride but the wedding dress is given a lot of emphasis. In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. Indian wedding dresses can range from a few thousand to a few lac rupees.

There is no limit as far as variety in Indian bridal dresses are concerned. This is because every part of India manufactures its own peculiar style in terms of the weaves, embroidery and fabric. The most expensive are considered the south silk ones that are woven with pure gold. In fact it is said that if one had to remove the gold threads and melt them then anything from a few grams to almost a kilo of gold can be produced.

Today Indian wedding dresses have a lot of work done on them. Zari, embroidery, organza, zardozi, sequins, cut work, mirror work, patchwork, pearl work, kundan, are all different kinds of work, which beautify the sari. In India some professionals offer Bridal Trousseau Packing services for Indian bridal wedding dresses. Here, wedding dresses & other items of the wedding trousseau are neatly packed into suit cases & decorated.

The traditional style of marriage is followed, it is being totally re-vamped. The traditional colors of the wedding dresses of red and pink are being replaced by peach, wine and burgundy. Colors and fabrics that blend with the skin are given more importance. Stiff silks in wedding dresses are being replace by fabrics like crepe, satin and chiffon.

The ghaghra choli and Lehnga are more commonly used as wedding dresses. The ghaghra is a long skirt and the choli is a short blouse that leaves the naval open. There is a long fabric, rectangular in shape that is tucked in the right hand side of the skirt so that it falls from the right shoulder to cover the choli and to give a nic look and it is called dupatta.

India is amongst the three largest countries in the world and its expanse makes it the most culturally diverse nation too. The way of dressing, the food habits, language, differs from place to place. There is also variety in the way Indian marriages are celebrated. The Indian sari is the national garment of India, which is worn by women. But this is not necessarily what she wears on her wedding day. Amongst the common wedding dresses worn in India is the Ghagra Choli.

Pure gold and wiring is used for those who can afford an extremely expensive Indian wedding dress. Otherwise there is gold and silver washed wires. Irrespective, an Indian wedding dresses invaluable at any budget, still looking as beautiful as the most expensive one. Apart from the Ghagra Choli the sari is the most popular wedding outfit worn in its variable forms depending on the region. No matter what an Indian bride wears, she does look like a living doll, decorated on her special day.

Indian Salwar Kameez Dresses 2010

Salwar Kameez is a traditional outfit worn both in India and Pakistan. It is the national dress in Pakistan. The word salwar is called as shalwar in Pakistan. It is also popular among women in India. The salwar kameez, or salwar suit consists of a kameez (shirt), salwar (trousers) and dopatta (scraf).

SALWAR: Salwar is a sort of loose pajama like trouser. The legs are wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom. There is a drawstring at the top of the waistband to hold up the salwar. The pants can be wide and baggy, or they can be cut quite narrow, on the bias. In the latter case, they are known as churidar pajama.

KAMEEZ: The kameez, in salwar kameez suit, is a long shirt or tunic. The side seams are left open below the navel, which gives the wearer greater freedom of movement. The word kameez is derived from the Latin camisia (shirt or tunic), from which it probably made its way into various European languages (see chemise) and also into Arabic, the likely immediate source for kameez. The kameez is usually cut straight and flat.

DUPATTA: When women wear the salwar kameez, they usually wear a long scarf or shawl called a dupatta around the head or neck. For Muslim women, the dupatta is an alternate to scarves. The dupatta is useful when the head must be covered, for hijab or for prayers.

Pakistan fashion week in pictures

Models strutted down the catwalk in haute couture that was elegant, racy and undeniably Pakistani on the second day of Fashion Pakistan Week in Karachi. The riot of colourful styles was kicked off by the matriarch of fashion, Maheen Khan, who presented her 'Karakoram' line. Other designers who pushed the boundaries included Yasir Mirza, Syed Rizwanullah, Athar Hafeez and Sabeen Ali.
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