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Indian Fashion Dresses and Tips


India is a country with diversified customs and cultures. People following various traditions live here, their way of dressing also differ from each other. The traces of Indians being fashionable can be found out from the ancient remains of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations. After the independence, globalization is being witnessed in the Indian fashion industry, due to which changes have occurred in the style of Indian dressing.

Styles of wearing saris and salwar-kameez have changed. The look is more cosmopolitan than region-specific. Different styles of blouses like katori style, halter-neck, back button blouses, high neck blouses, puffed sleeve blouses, etc. have become the hot favorite among women. The average lengths of the blouses have decreased. Saris are draped mostly in traditional back pallo style or gujarati style. Indian fashion scene is greatly influenced by its films. For example Mumtaz style sari draping inspired by yester-year heroine Mumtaz. Here sari is tightly draped around the body.

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2010 Pakistani Fashion Dresses Design For Pakistani Girls

We started off this joint business venture twelve years back, quite casually. We got into this partnership in 1995, when there was still a lot to bring into our fashion industry. Presently, very few names and labels still exist from that fashion era. We are proud to be among those who have set a mark in the industry and are who recognized today as pioneers of women's fashion in Pakistan.
2) What is your philosophy regarding the art of fashion designing?

NN: Fashion design is an efficient art. Timeless, classic, we keep in mind the latest trends to create clothes which can be worn by middle aged women, teenagers et al.

3) Your label defines?

NN: Elegance, splendour ,comfort and extravagance .

4) Do you have jewellery and accessories line?

NN: Yes, but we haven't launched these officially. We have bags, scarves, and belts available at our outlets. In jewellery we have gold, silver, diamonds, polkis and other precious and semi-precious stone made jewellery.

5) Do you only offer couture wear?

NN: We offer Prêt wear which is available at both Nickie Nina outlets (Lahore and Karachi) and at The Boulevard at 10Q.

6) Do you offer PRET Line for the middle class people?

NN: We endeavour to ensure that our prêt line never hits the larger price brackets so that it is affordable to a greater number of people which definitely includes the middle class.

7) What skill do you think are necessary to become a fashion designer?

NN: A lot of skills are essential here, a very good memory, a keen knowledge of fabric, a strong aesthetic sense, and you're extra creative. In addition basic business skills are also required.

8) What inspired you to come in this field?

NN: Its important to look nice…this has been our main inspiration.

9) What is the importance of innovation in fashion designing?

NN: Innovation is very significant as this industry is all about new designs…

10) In the recent years, a lot of new designers are coming. Do you think it will saturate the market or is it a good sign for fashion industry?

NN: Fashion is a growing industry in Pakistan and it has a lot of scope for development nationally and branching out on an international level, which we look forward to. However, it is important for up coming designers to take their work as a proper profession and to not treat it as a fleeting pastime.

11) Do you believe in fate? Is fate important for high rankings in this field?

NN: Yes definitely, but hard work is equally important …not only in this field but everywhere.

12) What do you do in your spare time?

NN: We like to spend time with children, listen to music and read.

13) Dress makes a man or a man makes a dress?

NN: The clothes are a part of self-expression, and they can show your personality or your individuality - "I am serious," or "I am fun," or "I am cool," So they really do a job. Sometimes, you can make a dress too, with the accessories complementing the dress, the make up, the hairstyles or simply yourself. But we believe that both the man and the dress should be complementing each other ….this is why we have a variety of different designs which flatter every figure.

14) What advice will you give to the upcoming designers?

NN: It's good to start your own business, but it's very important to be professional and focused towards your objective. Copying other's designs isn't just the way out but creating new designs is what will make you prosper this is why we sometimes see new designers coming up, reproducing other designer's designs and gain a lot of fame suddenly but as time passes awareness creeps in and eventually they lose their business .A few upsetting years doesn't mean that you are failing. After all one learns best from ones experiences.

15) Who are your favourite photographers?

NN: Well our country has great photographers it sometimes gets really tricky to pick out a favourite because everyone has their own style.

17) Favourite female model?

NN: Every model has her charm, ability and face… So when we do a western shoot we chose someone with a western figure and features whereas with eastern clothes we have to choose an eastern looking model, so it varies.

18) Top ten dress designers in your opinion?

NN: Its really hard to rate, since we love all of them.

19) Favourite make-up artist for your shoots?

NN: No favourites as again everyone has their own speciality - this also varies with the theme, but we love to work with Ather Shahzad and Guddo Shani.

20) Favourite TV channels?

Nickie: Geo TV, I don't have time to watch TV frequently, but whenever I do Geo TV keeps me updated.

Nina: I enjoy watching FTV.

21) Which city of the world is the best for fashion industry and why?

NN: Paris, everyone knows that!

22) Plans Future?

NN: Doing a couple of new collections of the western wear and definitely expanding further internationally and locally.

23) What should we look forward in your upcoming 2009 collections?

NN: There are a lot of surprises in store for the Nickie Nina collections.

24) Tell me something about your foreign travel?

NN: We enjoy travelling and frequently exhibit in the Middle East, Europe and USA.

25) Do you have outlets in other countries of the world?

NN: We would like to start expanding internationally in future. We have been holding Nickie Nina shows and exhibitions all over the world as well as furnishing prestigious international boutiques with our clothes – from Asia to the Middle East to Europe to America, we have been present internationally through these shows and exhibitions on an ongoing basis and have enjoyed this cultural fashion exchange very much over the years. For this reason we look forward to opening our own outlets in these places in the future.

26) In which cities?

NN: Manchester,L.A, Chicago, New Jersey and Dubai.

27) What is the present days style?

NN: We love the old 1960s glamour that we're seeing these days. It's all about simplicity done right, keen tailoring, and gorgeous cuts, panels pin tucks etc.

28) What is the role of colours in fashion?

NN: Colours are extremely significant. We really believe that the right clothing and colour can make you feel better about yourself and can give you more confidence. They can create a whole new look.

29) What would you like to be if not a designer?

NN: We're not sure we would have done anything different.

30) What is your Ideal vacation?

NN: A place with mental peace.(laughs)

31) Your favourite place for shopping?

NN: There are no favourite places as such, we love shopping everywhere whether it's Lahore or Paris, New York or Delhi.

32) What is the best thing about your job?

NN: Job satisfaction is the best aspect of working in fashion for us. There's something to be said for waking up every morning, thrilled to see what the day will bring.

33) Are you proud of your country's rich culture?

NN: Extremely proud and a lot of our collections are a celebration of this culture and heritage.

34) What about fashion as a business?

NN: All of our projects are a joint effort and supervised by us. Thus far, we have had the opportunity to work with very dedicated and efficient teams. Of course we've come across challenges at various points and have learned to deal with them overtime. Time is essentially the key factor of concern when working as a high end designer in today's market. To keep up with the new and upcoming trends, we have to incorporate fresher ideas into our designs all the while integrating them with our signature style with each approaching season. It's very important to try to stress that, because in this competitive world it's more than just about clothes. It's about a quick response to things, awareness, never thinking you've made it because a real danger with fashion is that as soon as you put your back in the chair and think "I've been in magazines, I've been on television," somebody's overtaken you in the fast lane.

35) Opinion about Style Guru Fashion Magazine?

NN: This magazine Covers every aspect of fashion which is a very difficult job! From beginning to end ­­– Good Work Style Guru.

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Pakistani Sexy Girls

Pakistani Girls

Aliza Noor is one our cute friends from Karachi, She is regaler reader of Aliza Noor is university student and the photo was taken at annual modeling contest in her university. Aliza Noor is crazy about modeling and as result of her craze and hard work she declared best model girl of the year in her university. She wants to share her success with our readers. She tells that now after the contest she is receiving many offers in modeling profession but she wants to complete her studies first.

Well Aliza Noor thank you very much for sending photo and sharing your prosperity with us, we wish you best of luck for your studies and future. Love you aliza.

If you make a look at other side, you may surprised to get notice that stage drama halls that showing vulgar dance shows and cinema halls are fully crowded with men and young boys. People are wasting a lot of money on weddings private functions and out door parties. Mostly this money is spending on dancer girls imported from red areas of big cities like Lahore and Karachi. Every young boy or girl must have a mobile phone, even if they are school students or job workers.
The most common use of these mobile phones is to call their unknown girlfriends that they got through wrong mobile calls. After long calling and trusted developed relation young couples set their date meetings in some café or hotel rooms. Mostly guys did some sexual activities with these mobile girls and capture their shamed activities on their mobile phones.

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2010 wedding dress

90s, designed to break the traditional wedding-turn pendulum dress design and drawing of the popular fashion design features. T-shirt part of the bare majority; part of a cheongsam-style dress, miniskirt-style, there is a practical combination wedding, the bride to the church during the day or night, when dinner guests and friends together and friends.

Modern Wedding dress 2009

White is one of the favorite color used on someone's wedding day. For many, many years, brides have used traditional flowing white gown. As the new millennium crept in, some brides start searching for the way they express their own style on their wedding day. Color was added to the dress and the different cuts and sew-ins.

Today, we see the pink, peach and even earth tones Gowns such as green and tan. Marriage at the present time to become more modern. If you are looking for a traditional wedding, it is very simple for you to find the dress you want. With people who want to have a modern wedding, you may need a little more time to find the right dress in the style of you. To help, you may not find what you want in any bridal shop. You may need to have a wedding gown custom made, which is another hot trend in dress style.

Modern wedding dresses are also becoming shorter. Gowns not slide on the floor again, but few changes in the knees; even fall on the knee. Cocktail dress is so popular, you can even add a train that sprouts out of the back of the waist. If you have two-toned wedding, such as pink and white, you can have a wedding dress custom made to match the decor. There are pink diamonds sewn up and put on veil or ribbons and bows have a pink and white. There are many ways to accessorize your wedding dress to look modern.

hot wedding dress style

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Pakistani Wedding Dress

The Muslim Wedding Celebration

Although the Islamic marriage ritual is simple, many Muslims stage colorful, multiday festivities
Although many Muslims stage a multiday celebration to mark a wedding, the traditional marriage ritual itself, called a nikah in Arabic, is simple and brief. It generally follows these steps:
At the wedding, which can take place pretty much anywhere, the bride and groom are separated in different rooms. They may or may not be able to see each other, depending on how conservative the families are.

An officiant, who can be any man familiar with Islamic law, heads to each room separately. There he asks the spouses-to-be if they consent to the marriage and if they are marrying of their own free will (a representative called a wali answers the officiant's questions on the bride's behalf).

The couple signs the marriage contract or license, with witnesses observing.

The officiant brings the pair together and pronounces them husband and wife.

A Muslim Wedding Celebration
Days of lively parties often surround the nikah, and that's just what Shaila Khan plans for her wedding. In her Pakistani culture, Khan explains, marriage becomes a big issue once a girl hits post-college age, and women are often expected to wed within their own ethnicity. Khan's Mr. Right happens to be from Pakistan, and she admits that his background helps prevent conflict. "It's nice to have someone understand who I am and where I come from," says Khan, a New York investment analyst in her mid-20s. "And I don't have to worry about my family accepting him." Though far from a typical South Asian, Khan now finds herself looking forward to a typical Pakistani wedding, featuring a week of singing and dancing, including the following events:

Dholki: The wedding celebrations begin with the dholki (named after the dholk, or drum) one to two weeks before the actual three-day wedding ceremony. During this event, young guests sing and dance while beating on the dholk.

The bride and groom traditionally hold their own dholki. Friends and family gather at their respective houses to practice songs and dances for the upcoming mehendi ceremony during the week of the wedding. "There's usually a whole week of back-to-back dholkis before a wedding. I've had so much fun attending them in the past," Khan says. "It's just an excuse to get together with friends and family to dance." The women closest to either the bride or groom usually choreograph the dances, and it's mostly women who perform. The couple's families prepare dinner for the revelers, and the party goes late.

Mehendi: The mehendi ceremony takes place on the first night of the three-day wedding. Usually the most festive part of the event, it's filled with noise and color, with women dressed in bright formal shalwar kameez outfits and saris, and with unmarried girls sporting long skirts and blouse outfits called lehengas. The mehendi can either be held separately for the bride and groom or jointly. A joint mehendi lends to friendly guy/girl competition while each side takes turns to outdo the other. In more conservative families, the women are kept separated from the men.

The bride traditionally wears a formal yellow outfit, and, as the name of the ceremony implies, has wet mehendi (henna paint) applied on her hands that day. "The bride, along with all the women on both sides of the family, has henna designs put on her hands and sometimes her feet," Khan says. "It's basically a bridal shower, but a lot more colorful. It's definitely my favorite part of the wedding festival and I plan on having a lot of fun on mine."

It's customary for the bride to be escorted onto the stage under a yellow color dupata, or large scarf, held up by six female relatives or friends. Her head is covered and bowed, and she doesn't have much makeup or jewelry on at this event. In joint mehendi ceremonies the groom arrives at the ceremony after the bride with his entourage of guests, called the baraat. The baraat typically plays loud songs while entering the ceremony hall and is greeted by two parallel lines of the bride's family and friends.
Nikah: The main wedding day is less eventful than the preceding days. The bride typically wears a bright-red ghaagra, a heavily pleated skirt with a long blouse embroidered in gold. The dupata is hung low over her bowed head and wrapped around her shoulders in such a way that her heavy gold jewelry is not hidden. This outfit is the most elaborate of all the ones the bride will wear. "With all the gold the bride wears on her wedding day, she looks and feels like a queen," Khan says.

Grooms either wear a traditional sherwani with a turban or a Western-style suit. Some grooms wear a veil of roses on their head before the bride enters. As a game, sometimes the bride's young female relatives and friends will steal the groom's shoes, returning them only when the groom pays a bargained amount of money. At the end of the night, a procession escorts the couple to the wedding car and throws flower petals on the couple.

Valima: The groom's family hosts the valima, or the feast, the night after the wedding. The feast signifies the consummation of the wedding, and is roughly equivalent to an American wedding reception. "Pakistani food is very rich and heavy, so that truly makes for a real feast," Khan says.

Don't get the wrong idea—with all this planning it may seem like Khan is engaged, but she hasn't slipped on the ring yet. Asks Khan with a smile: "A girl's allowed to plan, isn't she?"

Free Wedding Traditions and Plans

This page is designed as a helpful free wedding guide to get you on the right track -- and save you time, money and effort!

You'll find plenty of advice on the pages linked to below, and if you're simply looking for recommendations on where to find all the wedding supplies you need, view this link, which has our reviews of the VERY BEST wedding supply sites now (including dresses, favors, rings and much more!.

Ready to get started? Good! Here you go ...

When you get started planning your wedding, it can seem overwhelming as you try to decide what to do first. So it's time to prioritize!

Here's some advice on the things you'll want to do right away:

1) Enjoy the moment!

This is truly one of the most special moments in your life, so take time for yourself and your fiance so that you will remember it forever.
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