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Indian Weddings Shadi

Indian weddings ( Shadi ) are not just about serious rituals and customs. There are various other fun filled moments in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies that lightens the mood and will remain as cherished moments in the coming years. Weddings mark the beginning of a new relationship not just between two individuals, but also between two families. There are various moments of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony that help to build new relationships. If you are planning to celebrate an Indian Wedding, you are in the right place. Babylon Productions offers many different kinds of services that will make you wedding perfect! Indian Wedding Photography, Indian Wedding Videography, Indian Wedding DJ Services, Wedding Limo Services, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florist, Wedding Decor, Live Musicians. Our photographer and videographers are here to make you look your best and show that you are having the most enjoyable day of your life. Babylon Productions are also here to help you get all the stress off you and make us take care of everything you need to do. Book your Indian Wedding by giving us a call!!
India with such diverse cultural background showcases a variety of fun filled rituals and customs. And nowadays, with Hindi movies becoming so popular among everyone, people are even following some of the customs and rituals shown in the movies. Especially movies like 'Hum Apke Hain Koun', which showcases all the rituals associated with Indian weddings. Some of the customs that are a part of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony may be: 'Parsee saalis' takes gifts from their brother-in-law or 'jija' during the ritual of 'haath boravanu', where the groom puts his hands in water and cannot remove them until he pays money to them in Indian Weddings. 'Pag dhovanu' is another such ritual where the groom is threatened with milk on his shoes and 'chero chorvanu' is a ritual in which seven strands of thread tying the couple together are removed on payment. In Gujarati custom the groom's mother-in-law tries to catch his nose on arrival of the 'baraat', as a reminder of the fact that he is taking away their daughter and is now responsible for her happiness in Indian weddings. 'Aeki-Beki' is also a very fun-filled ritual among the Gujarati community. A tray or pot of water is mixed with milk and vermilion. A ring and a few coins are thrown into the mixture, and the bride and groom are given seven chances to fish out the ring.
The winner is considered as having a dominating personality and it is predicted amidst much laughter amongst close friends that he or she will rule the roost! In Punjabi custom the brides wear a 'chuda', which is a set of red and ivory bangles given to her by her maternal uncle. This custom is considered good women for the bride as it is said to bring good luck to her in her new home. Punjabi brides wear 'kaleeres'. These are silver or gold plated ornaments tied to the chudas. It is said that the bride has as many friends as there are leaves in the kaleere.

Pakistan Wedding Tips,Culture and Traditions

A Pakistani wedding is broken down into a 4-day event. The tradition of a Pakistani wedding is the longevity of the party not just the ceremony of the Pakistani wedding ceremony:

First Day of the Celebration
On the first day, the bride and groom's families each dress in yellow, and celebrate the upcoming nuptials separately. The betrothed couple will not see each other from this day until the ceremony.
Second Day of the Celebration
The second day is reserved for a big celebration called Mendi that includes dancing and singing ancient songs. On this day, the groom's family delivers the wedding dress to the bride's family, and then her family takes the groom's wedding attire to his family. The bride's family string hundreds of colored lights over and around their home, creating an ostentatious announcement of their daughter's forthcoming marriage. Here, the bride-to-be receives a traditional henna staining of her hands and feet. This traditional Muslim art form invokes intricately designs to create beautiful symbolic patterns. The bride-to-be is waited on by her family while the henna stain dries overnight.
Third Day is the Marriage Ceremony
The wedding rites and ceremony in Pakistan take places on the third day. The Pakistani bride and groom who continue their traditions wear garments of red. The bride's gown is very elaborate, as are her veil and jewelry. Men wear a distinctive traditional turban . After wedding vows are exchanged, the Holy Koran is held over the new bride's head as she joins her husband's family. The official paperwork is signed in the presence of an Islamic priest and the guests.
Fourth and Final Day of Wedding Program in Pakistan
On the fourth day, the couple hosts their first dinner as husband and wife. The groom's family invites all of the guests to their home for a feast.

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